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USAID and United Way Foundation:  Alcance Postivo (alcancepositivo.org)

business consultingAlcance Positvo is an organization working in the areas of youth development and violence prevention which, for the past 3 years, has received major funding through USAID. In June 2013,  Alcance Positivo’s grant  reaches completion, thus creating the need for new strategic partnerships to assist growing youth centers.

Approximately 4,000 students are currently enrolled in Alcance Positivo’s English, computer training, job placement, and various other classes. Combined, the organization’s programs serve over 31,000 youth in Panama’s poorest neighborhoods. For many of those served, Alcance Positivo is the sole resource for continued education and activity-based learning.

Business consultingICON teams are working to develop a standard operating procedures manual for Alcance Positivo’s 22 Panamanian centers.  The manual will also be distributed by USAID and United Way throughout Central America, to NGOs providing similar youth development services in countries including Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  This standard operating manual will not only help existing youth outreach centers to become sustainable, but will also assist the foundation of new centers.  Strong relationships have been established with executives at USAID to provide ICON consultants with all the necessary data, documents, meetings and resources needed to complete this project.

By joining ICON as a volunteer consultant for Alcance Positivo, you will be able to make a tremendous social impact on the future development of positive youth programs  in Central America.  You will also receive a unique opportunity to work alongside officials from USAID and United Way as well as the youth center directors who have devoted their careers to youth violence prevention.  Please join us in creating a framework for sustainable positive youth development programs throughout Central America.

Other NGO Partners

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SembrArte organizes metropolitan art projects sponsored by local corporations.  They focus on community development and the improvement of public spaces through collaborative art projects engaging youth and those who may otherwise not have access to art.  SembrArte’s revenue stream is based on planning and hosting events that meet the CSR needs of corporations in Panama. (sembrarte.com).
ICON consultants are working on development a clear and direct mission and vision, key performance indicators (KPIs) and organization planning.  As well as roles and responsibilities, staffing and marketing plan for individual projects.




Cambio Creativo is an art and creative outlet for at-risk youth that follows a nonprofit and social enterprise model.  It is located in the neighborhood of Coco Solo in Colon, Panama. Cambio Creativo serves as an educational platform that promotes critical thinking skills, determination and self-expression through the process of exchanging ideas and skills. (cambiocreativo.org)

ICON consultants are assisting with accounting, bookkeeping and basic business practices as well as operations and marketing support for product development (Alphabet book,Alphabet Song).







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